How to Use a Board Management System Safely?

Use a Board Management System

With board management software, you can arrange efficient digital board meetings regardless of the place and time. Today it is an innovative solution in the corporate governance system. This article will explain how to set up a board portal for secure collaboration.

The board software in the business world

The smooth management of a successful company requires weekly and quarterly board meetings. However, the preparation and pressure of the session folders with hundreds of pages take a lot of time. In addition to logistical difficulties, working with paper also means considerable additional effort and causes challenges in version control and terms security. Therefore, modern companies use board management software. It is a digital collaborative platform that ensures secure data exchange, a well-organized repository, and video conferencing tools.

With secure board management software with a document management system with folders and full-text search, work for the company, the board of directors, and its assistants can be significantly easier. Global data access, for example, via iPad, ensures mobile and flexible work on the way. In addition, this meeting tool offers the option for integration into existing applications and optimizes the administration and support via a uniform user interface.

In addition, board portals follow the approach that confidential documents can no longer be sent back and forth on the World Wide Web but will surely provide those beneficiaries access to a central virtual space via the Internet. 

How to use board software securely?

Board software based on a workflow system is characterized by versatility and efficiency. The software can automate the activities of an enterprise in almost any industry and simultaneously allows boards to save specific, critical moments of the management and organizational process of the enterprise. But some security measures should be set up for efficient software functionality: 

  • Security through user-friendliness

Each board portal is in tension. Above all, the high-security standards of internal IT solutions (e.g., email encryption) often limit user-friendliness considerably. As a result, it can lead to lower factual security by avoiding the security standards or simply switching to unsecured means of communication. With a board portal, user-friendliness, therefore, has a direct impact on actual security.

  • Multi-stage authentication

The technical security of a board portal is a prerequisite. In this regard, ensuring two-way authentication (e.g., entering user name/password and MTAN security code) is particularly important. These measures provide that no unauthorized access takes place.

  • Individual user roles and rights

Depending on the corporate structure, graded user roles are necessary. A corresponding security level should also be determined per document, e.g., by automatically generated individual watermarks. Furthermore, the allocation of rights should be defined via an abstraction level. For example, it can be a group that serves as a reference system. Documents, sessions, or users can be assigned to this, and with one click, the corresponding rights can be carried out without having to adjust everything individually for each user.

  • Compliance with the data policy

Thanks to automatic user specifications for access and filing documents, compliance with data guidelines can be better guaranteed. So, the authorization of users on the platform is carried out using letters sent to groups of registered participants, with a unique authorization link and a generated login and password to ensure that the user can log in without problems from different devices/browsers.

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